Academy is a school that shares your values.


We embrace the joy in the journey, which consists of experiences that balance academics, fine arts, athletics, and co-curricular activities.


What if there was a school where your child could explore without having to “choose” one activity over another too early in life? Where your child would have the opportunity to lead clubs, shine on the stage, or be a star on the field?


We foster personal responsibility, empathy, and resilience.


What if there was a school where your child wouldn’t be afraid to raise her hand in class? To approach a teacher for help? To step up to the mic in front of his friends? A school where your child would reach beyond her comfort zone?


We apply high standards of quality, relevance, and accountability to all we do.


What if there was a school where your child was surrounded by students who love to learn? Where teachers go the extra mile for every student? A school where expectations are not just met, but exceeded?


We are a caring and compassionate community composed of many different beliefs and traditions seeking points of unity in common experiences.


What if there was a school where diversity was not just tolerated, but celebrated? A school where empathy and respect are the rule, not the exception? A school where your child could feel safe, appreciated, and confident?


We believe in the power of heads to know the good, hearts to love the good, and hands to do the good.


What if there was a school where actions meant as much as words? Where your child was taught not just to talk the talk, but to walk the walk? Where building character is actually part of the curriculum?


We care for each other and our school, serve our communities, and responsibly engage with the world – today and tomorrow.


What if there was a school where your responsibility meant going beyond oneself? A school where students and teachers take care of each other? A school where the sense of community runs deep through its core?