AATL’s Odyssey of the Mind Team is on Their Way to States

Back row: Brad Rothbaum, Savina Patel, Ms. Klaeren, Yasser Hussain, Rohan Vemuri,
Front row: Aaliyah Roan, Aarav Katwala

Academy’s Odyssey of the Mind team competed in the Odyssey of the Mind Regional Level Tournament on Saturday, February 23.

The six Middle Division students who make up the team worked all year long on a multi-faceted problem called Structure Toss. This problem challenged students to create an original, 8-minute performance, that necessitated students design, build, and test a structure made only of balsa wood and glue. Students also had to create a device to “toss the structure” prior to testing its strength with weights. Teams are scored on the effectiveness of their solution and the creativity of various parts of their performance, and all Odyssey of the Mind problems must be solved by the students with absolutely no adult or outside assistance. The competition also includes a “spontaneous” problem, a never-before-seen problem which requires students immediately problem-solve for a solution. The spontaneous category requires quick-thinking, creativity, and cooperation.

Academy’s team finished in 3rd place for their problem and division, moving them on to the State Competition on Saturday, April 6th at the University of Central Florida. Additionally, Brad Rothbaum ’23 was recognized by the judges for his outstanding work and contribution to their team’s solution.

Congratulations and good luck to our Odyssey of the Mind Team!