International Students

We welcome students from all over the world.

Academy at the Lakes is a great choice for international students! Our warm, welcoming community is an excellent springboard into English proficiency, American culture, and the building of relationships and contacts that will last a lifetime. Academy is authorized under Federal law to enroll nonimmigrant alien students and in recent years has hosted students from China, Russia, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, South Korea, Thailand, Canada, Italy, Ecuador, Cuba, and other nations.
International students are easily integrated into all aspects of the Academy Experience: athletics, fine arts, clubs, and academic life. English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) classes help students to develop increased proficiency in speaking, reading, and writing in English. Our outstanding College Counseling program is a very important component of each student’s high school experience, and international students are no exception to this rule.
Some of Academy’s international students live with their own extended family or relatives, but many others are involved with home-stays. Though Academy is a day school, international students can arrange home-stays through a local placement agency. 
If you have questions about the admissions process for international students, please contact our Associate Director of Admissions, at admissions@academyatthelakes.org, or by calling (813) 909-7919.

International Admissions Process

  • If possible, schedule a campus tour.
    We offer private tours, Monday through Friday. Please call 813-909-7919 or email us at admissions@academyatthelakes.org to schedule your tour.

  • Complete an Application for Admission and submit a $100 Application fee.

    Our online application includes a section to electronically request a teacher recommendation and student records from your child’s current school.

  • Request Information from Your Current School
    Academy requires:
    • Two years of transcripts, translated into English
    • Teacher recommendation form, translated into English
    • An explanation on school letterhead, in English, of what the score range is for an

      “A,” a “B,” a “C,” a “D,” and an “F,” or failing grade.

    • If your child plans to participate in our Upper Division Athletic Program you must provide complete transcripts beginning with their eighth grade year in both English and the applicant’s native language.
  • Complete Assessments
    • Secondary School Admissions Test
      All international applicants applying to grades 7-11 should take the Secondary School Admissions Test (SSAT) as early as possible, preferably in November, December, or January. The applicant’s family is responsible for individual registration. Please visit SSAT.org for more information. When registering, please select Academy at the Lakes (school code 1057) as a score recipient. Minimum scores of 60% in verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, and reading comprehension are required.
    • iTEP SLATE – English Assessment
      International students entering grades 7 through 10 for whom English is a second language must take the iTEP SLATE in addition to taking the SSAT. The iTEP SLATE is a versatile and user-friendly English assessment. It covers five key areas of proficiency in 90 minutes and provides scores within 24 hours. Please visit this website and select SLATE-PLUS TEST. The applicant’s family is responsible for individual registration.
    • Foreign Language (TOEFL) – Eleventh Grade Applicants
      All eleventh-grade non-native English-speaking international students must take the TOEFL in addition to the SSAT. Applicants must earn an internet-based score of 80 or higher on the TOEFL. The applicant’s family is responsible for individual registration. Please visit the TOEFL website for more information.
  • Schedule an Interview

    All international applicants must schedule an interview. The interview can be in-person or via an approved web-based video. Please contact us to make arrangements at admissions@academyatthelakes.org.

  • Provide Medical Requirements

    When applying for admission to Academy at the Lakes, prospective students must provide a copy of their immunization record.

Application Timeline

Once the application is complete, each applicant’s file is reviewed by the Admissions Committee. The committee meets weekly to review completed files.

Families are notified of the Admissions Committee’s decision by email. Enrollment agreements are mailed with the acceptance packages. A reasonable amount of time is allowed for parents to complete the Online Enrollment Agreement, to complete the Continuous Enrollment Agreement, and submit full tuition and fees payment.

I-20 Information

Once a student has been accepted to Academy at the Lakes, the following items must be received before we issue a Form I-20:

  • Completed application for a Form I-20

  • Tuition and fees paid in full

  • Copy of your child’s passport

  • Affidavit of financial responsibility 

    • Families must provide documentary evidence that sufficient funds are or will be available for

      expenses during the entire period of anticipated study.

    • Acceptable documents include: a series of bank statements, proof of income, or tax records

  • Affidavit regarding Room and Board and supporting documents, if applicable

  • Completed online enrollment packet (instructions will be emailed to you)


Please Note:

  • Tuition and Fees must be paid in full before we will produce your student’s I-20. 

  • The I-20 is the first step to obtaining an F1 Student Visa. 

  • Families must make an appointment with their local United States consulate or embassy to obtain an F1 student visa. 

  • International students must have an F1 student visa before they can begin classes at Academy at the Lakes. 

  • If you are not able to obtain a student visa, please refer to our Visa Denial Refund Policy. 

* Please note: International students are not eligible for financial aid due to the difficulty in determining financial need in a different currency and tax structure.

Prospective and current F-1 visa students can learn about the process and rules for Studying in the States

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Admissions Considerations

Academy at the Lakes seeks to admit students and families who are aligned with our school’s Mission & Core Values, and who will engage in the AATL community.
Admission is based on selective criteria including: the student’s visit day; prior academic record; teacher recommendation; developmental readiness; and standardized assessments. The admission committee will also consider evidence of the applicant’s potential for success in a college-preparatory program.

******Academy at the Lakes does not discriminate in its admissions policies or procedures on the basis of race, color, sex, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, or any other protected status in accordance with the requirements of all federal, state, and local laws.*****

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