5th and 6th Grade Science and Engineering Fair

5th and 6th Grade students have spent the last few months working on science and engineering projects during Science class. The goal of the projects was to allow the students to use the two fundamental science processes and demonstrate their creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, and communication. 5th Graders used the Scientific Method to test experiments in our school gardens, as they explored topics such as aeroponic garden growing mediums, diatomaceous earth, and the effect of fertilizers on the growth of duckweed. 6th Graders used the design and engineering process to create their own unique inventions that use science to make our world better in big ways and small ways. The 5th and 6th Graders presented to Lower Division visitors, parents, and Upper Division students who served as judges in the first round. We are so proud of all of our 5th and 6th Graders!


I WT6PWvN X2 251x300, Academy at the LakesExcellence at Science and Engineering Fair Award: 5th Grade

  1. Julia Astolfi and Addison Moore
  2. Reagan Roan and Ally Pacheco
  3. Abigail Warnock and Taylor Smith
  4. Ian Wells and Vihan Desai
  5. Kenzie Merchant and Ryleigh Noftz
  6. Haroon Habib
  7. Sydney Claire Williams and Ava Parry


5th Grade Category Winners

Aeroponics: Sofia Bettini, Sabrina Cannistra

Botany: Charlotte Harrison, Siya Shah

Environmental Science: Sam Baker, Lily McFarland


Excellence at Science and Engineering Fair Award: 6th Grade

  1. Bryce Picard
  2. Will Hutchison
  3. Anthony Coniglio
  4. Ava Miller
  5. Hank Burroughs
  6. Zoe Boychuk
  7. Santosh Malempati
  8. Megan Leavy
  9. Darren Lau
  10. Krish Patel


I Hwnw26S X2 227x300, Academy at the Lakes6th Grade Category Winners

Home/School: Liam Akins

Animals/Travel: Nathan Kemper

Outdoors/Environment: Julia Pesch

Tech/Tools: Emersyn Isaac

4th Grade took a walk over to see the 5th and 6th Grader Science and Engineering Showcase. The 4th Graders were excellent visitors. It was also a wonderful opportunity for them to get a preview for next year.

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