Letter from the Head of School: COVID-19



, Letter from the Head of School: COVID-19, Academy at the Lakes
March 19, 2020


Dear Academy Community:


Though history may not truly repeat itself, it certainly does rhyme. In World War II, our government asked all Americans to do some small things to further the war effort.  The people were asked to collect scrap metal so that industry could re-fashion it into the tools of war.  We were asked to grow “Victory Gardens” in our yards so farm production could be used for the troops and to feed the hungry of the world.  We were asked to buy War Bonds to finance the war effort. Individually and collectively, we did those things.


Small things they may have been for each family, but what a great impact they had!  Millions of Americans from every group and every corner of our land united by doing their part, and, together, we defeated the foes we faced.  So too is it with the historic situation in which we find ourselves today.  The strategy that is right and good today, the strategy that will “flatten the curve” of the Coronavirus, is social distancing.  We can do this – together.  Our participation will not be free from inconvenience, but it is right and good – it is for a higher purpose.  It will save lives.  And that’s why in-person school cannot go forward at this time.


In another time of national emergency – the Civil War – President Lincoln urged creativity through these words:


The occasion is piled high with difficulty, and we must rise — with the occasion. As our case is new, so we must think anew, and act anew.


Lincoln would be proud of our school community today.  Our Academy at the Lakes teachers are thinking and acting in new ways because the situation requires it.  They are creating remote learning experiences of the highest quality.  They are embracing the great task before them with energy and ingenuity, creativity and resolve.  Though we would all prefer in-person school to resume tomorrow, next week, or even next month, we are rising to the occasion today and preparing for the tomorrows to come.


When our students look back on this moment from the distant shores of their futures, I want them to be proud that they did their part in 2020 and that they were on the right side of history.  I also want them to learn that their actions have the power to make a difference and to make history.  What powerful lessons in citizenship we have in front of us right now!


Thank you for understanding the moment in which we all find ourselves.  Thank you for supporting your children in ways we did not expect we would need to.  Thank you for being part of this special community that will rise to meet the occasion.  Esse quam videri.



Mark Heller
Head of School


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