Academy at the Lakes alumni create artificial intelligence (AI) system to detect COVID-19

As we like to say, Academy at the Lakes preps our students for life. Our signature programs give students an education like no other to get them ready for a successful career – whether it be our interactive STEM lessons, medical seminars, or our partnership with Moffitt Cancer Center, our students are ready to make a difference in the world.

Recently, Academy at the Lakes Graduates (and brothers), Anmol Warman ’18, and Pranav Warman ’16, who are now students at Duke University, led an effort to teach a computer to detect COVID-19 in lung scans using artificial intelligence (AI).

The system correctly identified those carrying the virus 98% of the time. Unlike swab tests, actual cases were rarely overlooked. And 95% of the time it also ruled out people with hazy patches in their lungs due to other conditions.

Their system also worked on symptomatic patients and “silent spreaders,” infected people who don’t have cough or fever but could still be spreading the virus unknowingly, and could become a bigger risk.

“Academy at the Lakes is always proud of its alumni, and during these unprecedented times with COVID-19, we are seeing our students and alumni make incredible differences in the world,” said Mark Heller, Head of School.

Anmol and Pranav presented their work to Duke Health representatives last year, and the study was included in the National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health.

To read more about how the students gathered data and tested their method, check out this article in Duke Today.