Inspiration Personified!

Words by Brad Shellgren, Marketing and Communications Associate

Last October, Sean Emmons ‘22 delivered a Senior Speech that will not be soon forgotten.  It was a speech that centered around Sean’s stutter which he developed at an early age. During that Senior Speech, Sean talked about how he was able to overcome his stutter once he accepted it as a part of who he is. With this acceptance and years of therapy, Sean’s stutter has gone from severe to mild and showed his remarkable transformation in front of the entire Upper Division by delivering this amazing speech on International Stuttering Awareness Day – October 22.   

ABC Action News in Tampa heard about Sean’s speech and came to Academy at the Lakes to tell his inspirational story. Reporter Katie LaGrone and videographer Matthew Apthorp told Sean’s journey in such a masterful way that it has been named the best “Light Feature” story in the state of Florida by the Florida Association of Broadcast Journalists!