Sean Emmons ’22 – Seizing the moment!

Sean Emmons

Words by Kim Vreeland

Sean Emmons describes his 13 years at Academy at the Lakes as having been an integral part of a community that made him feel comfortable trying new things and making new friends.

Sean shares that he had the opportunity to figure out what kind of people he wanted to be friends with and what his academic and extracurricular interests were. Sean participated in numerous clubs and organizations during his time at Academy.

He was a member of the Junior Statesmen of America, the Debate Club, the STEM Club, and the Key Club. Additionally, he managed the middle school soccer team for two years, ultimately playing soccer for four years in high school.

Sean’s interests extended into the arts as well, playing the trombone and performing solo and trio performances at Instrumental Night. A Mu Alpha Theta and National Honor Society member, Sean’s accomplishments in the classroom are equally impressive.

An AP Distinguished Scholar, Sean completed numerous Advanced Placement courses to include the prestigious AP Capstone Program.

Sean attributes much of his success to Academy’s setting, “Academy is a place where I felt prioritized in every aspect of my experience…it’s the excitement of learning in a place where I felt like my teachers made sure their classes contained something enjoyable for everyone.” 

Sean’s experience at Academy most certainly reflects joy in the journey: the school musical, soccer season, daily interactions with friends, and his favorite tradition – House Day, “not only because of the three wins, two of which were in high school, but also because the eight straight years of losing were just as fun. It really did feel like a community experience that everyone got to enjoy in their own way.” 

Another moment that Sean will never forget is his senior speech, which he presented on International Stuttering Awareness Day. His speech was shared around the nation and can be viewed here: Sean Emmons’ Speech.

As Sean heads to Davidson College in the fall, he hopes that he has left a lasting impact on his friends and on as many people as possible!