Welcome Letter from Jack ’23

Welcome Letter Jack '23

Dear Students and Families,

Welcome to Academy at the Lakes!

Selecting a school that’s right for your family is one of the most important and difficult decisions you’ll make, and one my family knows well. Just last year, I found myself in the same uncomfortable position you are now: leaving a familiar school community for something completely new.

I remember the feelings that accompanied my transition: excitement for a fresh start, new friends, and new opportunities, but perhaps more notably, a looming fear that I wouldn’t belong in my new environment.

This fear, however, was short lived. From the second you arrive on campus, there is an immediate sense of familiarity. Warm smiles and waves greet you at every turn, eager to lend a helping hand at every phase of your transition. 

It is this deep-set sense of interconnectedness that gave me the courage and freedom to explore who I am and the things I truly love and do so in a community that values self-expression, individuality, and opportunity. 

I look back now at the person I was not too long ago, reading the same welcome letter you do now. If you told me that I’d be the one with the privilege of welcoming this year’s families, I would’ve never believed you. However, I believe it’s stories like mine that act as a true testament to the possibilities that await you when you join the Academy at the Lakes family. I am so excited to meet each one of you.

Welcome home!

Jack Miller ‘23

Student Council President