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Words by Araina Jewell, Director of Curriculum, Academy at the Lakes Do you remember the days when your infant or toddler put everything in her mouth, from her toes, to a toy car, to the edge of the coffee table? Do you remember when your young child opened up every lower cabinet in the kitchen...
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Here are some great books from the ALA’s YALSA List of Top Ten Books for young adult readers. This is the same list our sophomore class has for their student picks, and I think all of our students will enjoy them. These books have a wide variety of characters and plotlines, sure to appeal to...
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Want to find some great summer reading books your kids during the summer break? Here are some of my favorite picks for rising Kindergarten – 6th Grade students chosen from School Library Journal’s Best Books of 2016 provided by expert school librarians across the country. With strong characters, fun plots, and wonderful storytelling, all the...
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Letting Go The College Transition for Parents Part Three
Words by Mrs. Debbie Pitcairn, Director of College Counseling “While students should be applying themselves seriously to their classes, it is important to realize that much of what is learned in college is what happens outside the classroom.” – Letting Go: A Parents’ Guide to Understanding the College Years, by Karen Levin Coburn and Madge...
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College Transition Guide for Parents Part Two
Words by Mrs. Debbie Pitcairn, Director of College Counseling During the first year of college students are separating from their parents and working to differentiate themselves as independent young adults. It is important to appreciate the challenges of their position and how much courage it takes to meet them. Common Challenges Students Face During the...
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Letting Go: The College Transition Part One
Words by Mrs. Debbie Pitcairn, Director of College Counseling This time in the lives of our seniors and their families is exciting. And scary. The process of becoming an adult begins before seniors graduate and continues for several years. Adolescents must separate from the family and form their own identities in order to successfully mature...
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where the wild things should be
Words by Sheri Mahoney, Upper Division Science Instructor Sheri Mahoney is in her 3rd year of teaching at Academy at the Lakes as the Upper Division Life Sciences teacher. Sheri is obsessed with manatees, marine iguanas, and everything else that is vascularized. Living in Florida is a dream for her and she still can’t get...
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teaching imagination why the fine arts matter in education
Words by Jay Gibson, Director of Library Services One of the best things about teaching at Academy at the Lakes is seeing the effect our Fine Arts programs have on our students. When I interact with a student in the classroom, I only see his or her academic persona, the one that is intellectually focused,...
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bullying and teasing
Words by: Dr. Jason Dobrow, Guidance Counselor Dr. Jason Dobrow is the Guidance Counselor at Academy at the Lakes. He is a native of Denver, Colorado and possesses degrees from Arizona State University, University of Colorado at Denver, and the University of South Florida. Jason lives in Tampa with his wife Jacqui, daughter Leila, dog,...
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Book Recommendations that Inspire Dedication and Hard Work
Words by Mrs. Debbie Szarko, Lower Division Librarian  An Introduction I started working at Academy at the Lakes during the second year of its inception. After working for five years, I decided to start a family. So, I took a hiatus for a while to do the very important job of raising children. I never...
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