Meet Our Team

Deborah Pitcairn, Director of College Counseling & Registrar
813-948-7600 x. 328 |
Mrs. Deborah Pitcairn leads the college counseling program at Academy and is available to discuss with students and parents their questions about the college application process at any time during their high school years. She also advises students on their schedules and writes Counselor Recommendations for those students who need them.

Paul Hagenau, College Counselor
813-948-7600 x. 301 |
Mr. Paul Hagenau is available to write recommendations, review applications, and provide feedback to students about their responses and essays.

Robert Sullivan, Upper Division Director
813-948-7600 x.307 |
Mr. Robert Sullivan, our Upper Division Director, is available for consultation with students and parents about the college choice process. He is also available to write college recommendations.