In order to support our continuing commitment to integrate technology into our educational experience, we’ve assembled a collection of technology resources for our students. All of these tools are web-based and are accessible both from home and from school. We’ve taken great strides to ensure that all of these tools are compatible with the most popular technology devices, including Windows laptops and tablets, Apple laptops and tablets, and Android-based tablets.
They include the following:

  • Moodle Learning Management System (
  • RenWeb – This is our school management system that includes student and parent access to grades, assignments, attendance and service hours.
  • Office365 – All students receive an email This service is based on Microsoft Outlook and provides email, saved contacts, calendars appointments and reminders. This can be added to student’s cell phones for instant access and teachers will use these email addresses to communicate with students.
  • OneDrive – This resource provides students with an online storage location for their files that is accessible from any device. This service also provides access to Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel allowing student to create and modify these files without the need to purchase Microsoft Office.
  • Online Library – Students have access to over 25,000 books and periodicals online to assist them with research projects.
  • Evernote – This is an optional tool to help student organize their notes, photos, web page links and other content.
  • Online Textbooks – We continue to expand our use of electronic textbooks, including those with multimedia content.

Technology Requirements

In order for students to benefit from these tools, all 7th-12th Grade students are required to bring their own laptop computer to school each day. (Tablets will work for some but not all of these applications.) The laptop may be either an Apple Mac or a Windows 7/8 PC; it must be able to access the internet and be loaded with a recent version of MS Office. This device – with the above-noted set of research and productivity tools – will provide a technical foundation for 21st Century teaching and learning at the Academy. Furthermore, laptop usage is the standard throughout education at the college level; we certainly want to prepare our students for that experience.

Please feel free to contact Steven Burnley, Director of Technology if you have any questions about our technology offerings, device compatibility, or purchase recommendations.