Public Speaking

Academy at the Lakes purposefully creates opportunities for all students to become self-confident speakers. Communication is one of our Core Curriculum areas and we begin with our youngest students.

  • During weekly assemblies, Lower Division students have the opportunity to speak in front of the entire Lower Division community.
  • Each classroom in PreK3 through Grade 6 has classroom greeters, who welcome all visitors with a firm handshake, a brief introduction, and a confident smile.
  • In Grades 7-12, we sponsor a Student Ambassador program, offering the chance to participate in admissions events and tours.
  • All students in Grades 4-12 participate in an annual public speaking program through the Language Arts/English department. This special component of the English curriculum provides opportunities to practice public speaking skills, increase confidence in public communication, and to explore in some depth literature, poetry, or speech writing. Students present a memorized, oral interpretation of a chosen work in class. Grade-level competitions are held with the winning grade level representative presenting at an all-school public speaking assembly each year.
  • As a culmination of the Public Speaking program, Academy‚Äôs seniors write and present a speech to the entire Upper Division community during the fall of their senior year.

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