There are countless reasons to love Academy.

We believe that hearing directly from our stakeholders is the best way to showcase the transformative power of an Academy educational experience – an experience that nurtures the whole child and prepares each student for success in college and life.

Your next step should be on our campus


  • Our daughter started here as a PK3 student and she soared! She learned so much and loved every minute of her time at school. Regular school hours weren’t enough for her, she wanted to do after school enrichment programs as well. We have loved watching her climb mountains and succeed as a student here. The teachers and faculty genuinely care about you and your child/children. You truly “matter here!” We couldn’t be more pleased with our decision to be an AATL Wildcat!

  • Sending Eli to Academy At The Lakes was one of the best decisions I ever made. The school is phenomenal. They helped mold Eli into this incredible young adult who is going to be an asset in our society and in the world.
    Eli wants to be a surgeon however what ever profession he chooses to follow he will be a
    huge asset. One more year left. Thank you Academy you are absolutely THE BEST.
  • Both of our children are in lower division, SK & 4th. It has been an amazing year. I ❤️ the AATL teachers and staff! Their love for the children is obvious to me every day. They are given the support and freedom to do the right thing for each individual child. Our children have advanced leaps and bounds in just this one year because of the focus they’ve received from each of their teachers. Other new parents tell me they’ve had the same experience. There is a strong emphasis on community and caring for each other at this school. There are many activities, field trips, and special events that help to foster this environment I feel so proud to be a part of. For us, the financial investment in the educational experience they are receiving at this school is worth it. Thank you AATL staff and teachers for all you do for our children and their future! Looking forward to middle school next year. I am already hearing great things!

  • An incredible college preparatory school with support and opportunities that transcend traditional academic and athletic domains. Intellectual and personal development are promoted by a community that is both diverse in background and unified by core values. You will not regret an investment in an Academy education. Academy at the Lakes ’14; Johns Hopkins University ’18; Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai ’22

  • Caitlin’s 10th & Last Year at Academy as a Senior. It was an awesome transition from her school in NYC. She was immediately welcomed by all students, staff & faculty.
    The best 10 years, of a top notch education, great sports, an array of extracurricular activities, a fantastic music program & fabulous friends/family. Forever a wildcat.
    Alumna Parent
  • As a recent graduate of Academy in 2017, I want to say that this school prepared me for college. In these big public schools, you are one of thousands; however, at Academy, you are able to get individualized attention from the teachers when needed. The teachers were caring and were able to help me on subjects that I felt I was not prepared for. The school offered many opportunities for me such as Science Olympiad, JSA, Student Government, Chess Club, and Men’s Choir. Mr. Heller is a phenomenal man. He is energetic and just an all around great guy to talk to and get to know. He runs the school with passion which is the heart of the school. Academy to me felt like a home away from home. Without Academy, I would not be where I am today!

  • My son started at AATL in second grade and is now in the sixth. He was not happy to change schools at all and didn’t want to leave his old friends. But from day one, he has enjoyed being at AATL. I love that he can be exposed to so much. He is in chorus, he was lower division president, he is now on the cross country team and plans to participate in a few other sports this year all while still excelling in his academics. I don’t even have to make him do his homework, the excitement he has makes it all worth it! AATL is more than just a place I send my child to school, it’s a place we have grown attached to other families, teachers, staff and others at AATL like our own family. Even if I did have an issue, it has been resolved with professionalism, respect and timely. Thank you Academy, you have helped me tremendously to turn my baby into a well rounded, mannerable, and respectful young man.

  • This is our first year as an AATL family, and we couldn’t be happier with our decision to join this community. From the very first day, it was obvious that EVERY decision and action made at AATL is purposeful and deliberate. This institution truly cares about every aspect of the childrens’ education and life. I highly recommend this school to anyone who is looking for a quality education for their children.

  • Love Academy and everyone in the community!! It’s been my second home for 14 years! Couldn’t have asked for a better school!