Academy at the Lakes’ 2018-2019 Competition Wrap up

Throughout each school year, Academy students have the opportunity to participate in many county, state, and national competitions. The 2018-2019 school year was no exception, and our students truly hit it out of the park with their success in competitions in categories from science to history.

Here are our competition results:

Science Fair
12 Academy students attended the Pasco Regional Science Fair. Five moved on to the Florida State Science and Engineering Fair. Roshan Warman ’19 placed 1st in mathematics at the state level.

On the Middle Division level, the teams of Eryn McLeod ’25 and Alaina Hedgspeth ’25 and Daniel Jacob ‘25 and Benjamin Harrison ’25 received 2ndplace at the Pasco County Science Fair.

Science Olympiad
The Middle Division Science Olympiad team finished 13th in the Region. Click here to read more about their journey this school year.

Invention Convention
Brad Rothbaum ‘23 and Ian Dempsey ‘23 were invited to participate in the State Invention Convention. Brad Rothbaum has moved on to the National Invention Convention

Florida State History Fair
Elise Faith ‘22, Ayush Patel ‘22, and Anisa Nanavati ’22 won 1stplace for their group documentary and made it into the top 10 in the state.

Dasha Yurchenko ‘21 and Nicole Gilleland ‘21 won 2ndplace for their group exhibit board.

Vishnu Malhotra won 2ndplace for his Historical Research Paper.

All 1stand 2ndplace winners will move on to the Florida State History Fair in Tallahassee.

Pasco County STEM Fair
Julia Pesch ‘26 received 1st place for her individual project.

Alia Dobrzanski ‘26, Darren Lau ‘26, and Jake Yi ‘26 received 1st place for their group project and Amelia Johnson ‘26, Zoe Boychuk ‘26, and Ava Miller ‘26 received 2nd place for their group projects.

Julia Pesch was also the winner of the Launch Foundation Outstanding Young Scientist Award and Book Award which is only awarded to two students each year.