Welcome Letter from Eden ’24

Welcome Letter from Eden '24

Welcome to a new school year, Wildcats!

It is with warmth and excitement that I welcome you to our school community. On behalf of the student body, we are so thrilled to have you here. Truthfully, each addition to our school community makes us stronger. We look forward to being your classmates, your teammates, and the people you will collaborate with. 

To the returning Wildcats, welcome back! Students, we are directly responsible for the stand-out culture of our environment; we are the heartbeat of our school. I am gratified that you elected me to serve in this role for the year to come. I believe that, together, we can create a year for the books. 

New students, we have your back during this period of transition. I know many of you may have some anxiety about what your future here holds; however, at every turn, I can assure you, there will be a teacher, a peer, or an administrator eager to extend a helping hand. 

Wildcats of all ages, I encourage you all to utilize the opportunities our school provides. Try new things. Immerse yourself in our traditions and culture. Join a club, talk to a new classmate, dress up for Spirit Week, and get serious for House Day. In no time I’m sure you, too, will come to resonate with the community you find here. 

Eden Heller, ‘24 

Student Body President