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$92,000 in Scholarships Awarded to Academy Students in State Science Fair

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  Academy at the Lakes was well represented at the State Science Fair on Tuesday, March 31 through Thursday, April 2 in Lakeland. Raj Warman ’16 placed 1st in Senior Mathematics and received a four year scholarship to New College of Florida totaling $8,000. Regan McCormick ’17 received Honorable Mention in Senior Health and Medicine […]

Musicals Spanning the Ages


The Academy at the Lakes’ all-school musical is an amazing tradition.

The production of a fully-staged musical involving over 250 students, faculty and staff – with all rehearsals during the regular school day – is not only an incredible example of collaboration on all levels, but a unique and wonderful experience.

This tradition truly incorporates all of Academy’s “6 C’s” and allows our students – the scholars, the athletes, the artists, the musicians, the STEM teams – and faculty and staff to participate and shine.

Student Showcase: Kite Runner Presentation

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AATL Student Showcase

Teaching seniors can be challenging, because they seem to have one foot in the door and one foot out. Indeed, most of them feel that they are more than ready to move on and begin college.

To keep her students engaged, Mrs. Susan Zalac turned the tables and had her seniors do the teaching.  Zalac’s students, in both English IV Honors and AP Literature and Composition, read the novel The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini.  Once they completed the novel, students chose a theme to research and present in an informative and creative fashion.

The Academy Difference: College Counseling Program

The Academy Difference

If you take a look at this map, it is easy to see that the diversity of the colleges our alumni attend is just as well-rounded as our students themselves.

“It is our goal to help each student find the best ‘fit’ for college, academically, socially, and financially,” College Counseling Director Mrs. Deborah Pitcairn explained.

Science Olympiad Teams Qualify for States

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  Although our Science Olympiad teams were missing 6 members on February 7 (four students were attending the Regional Science Fair, and two were taking the ACT), both the Middle and Upper Division teams will be moving on to states. This is the third straight year Academy has been represented at the State Competition. The […]

Four Academy Juniors Participate in Leadership Conference

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  Juniors Alex Baker, Gerald Beinhauer, Grace Faith, and Mikayla Owen attended the Young Leaders Conference (YLC) January 23-25, 2015 in Gainesville, Fla. The YLC is sponsored by the University of Florida Student Government. It is a three-day high school leadership conference organized and run entirely by UF students. This conference brings together the most […]

Student Showcase: Original ‘I Have a Dream’ Speeches

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AATL Student Showcase

After studying Martin Luther King Jr.’s I Have a Dream speech, Mrs. Kimberly Vreeland’s English I Honors students wrote original I Have a Dream speeches and delivered them to their peers. Students embraced Academy’s core curriculum in their creative topics and enthusiastic presentations.

Promoting the Joy of Reading: Expanding the McCormick Campus Library

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Promoting the Joy of Reading | Academy at the Lakes

The research paper.

One of my favorite high school memories.

While many will assume that my current vocation, as high school English teacher prompts this sentiment, the many are wrong.

Like others, I loathed the three by five notecards, the tedious bibliographies, and the endless revisions. However, I loved where the process brought me – the library, and this is where the fond memories come in.

With only a roll of dimes for the copy machine, my friends and I headed to our local college library to write our masterpieces. We arrived at our destination sans cell phones, sans laptops, and sans parents.

I cannot tell you one topic I researched; however, I can recall every detail of those Sundays spent in the library – the persnickety librarian, the endless shelves of books, and the laughter with my friends.

Drop the Octave Visits Academy at the Lakes

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  Drop the Octave, an all-male a capella group, featuring alumnus Jason Pitcairn ’11, from Gettysburg College visited both campuses on Wednesday, January 14 performing for Middle and Upper Divisions in the Gym and 2nd through 4th Grade on the Reinhart Family Deck. The charismatic group performed a range of songs from Meghan Trainor’s All […]

Students Open Time Capsule Letters After 5 Years

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  Five years ago, members of the Class of 2015 wrote themselves letters as seventh graders in Ms. Aimee Nadow’s language arts class. These letters were kept safe throughout the rest of middle school and four high school years until these very same students reached the year of their high school graduation. On Jan. 6, […]